Heat . . . with a TWIST!

What if pretzels didn't have to be dry, bland, and stale? What if we packed them with so much flavor that your eyes start watering? What if the whole bag is gone before you can blink?

Don't wonder anymore. Take your snacking to the next level!

Soul-Scorching Heat

We aren't playing around anymore.

When we tell you that we are going to make the spiciest pretzel you've ever eaten, that's exactly what we're gonna do.

Perfectly Balanced Flavors

We work hard to ensure that every one of our pretzels tastes amazing. We blend a secret mixture of spices & herbs to create complex flavor profiles that light a fire in your mouth.

Crispy, Flaky Pretzels

More pretzel is never a bad thing. With our thick sourdough pretzel varieties you get even more pretzel in every handful. Light and never too dry, they really are the perfect snack.

Pretzels delivered right to your doorstep!

It might sound like something out of a dream, but you aren't sleeping. You don't have to wait for your fix of Roth's Pretzels any longer. Log on. Stock up. Chow down.

Where can you get y0ur fix?


Can't find us nearby?

That's okay. We can come to you. Use the magic of the internet to have pretzels drop-shipped directly into your mouth. Pick out all your favorites and put it on credit baby!

The Hog and The Hen
500 Main Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501

Country Club Liquor
683 Horizon Drive #105
Grand Junction,CO 81506

Perri's Powersports
555 25 Road
Grand Junction,CO 81505

Monument Liquor
2148 Broadway
Grand Junction,CO 81507

Redland's Liquor
2005 Broadway #B7
Grand Junction, CO 81507

Mountain Air Roasters
126 N 7th Street
Grand Junction,CO 81501

Fisher's Market & Liquor Barn
625 24 1/2 Road
Grand Junction,CO 81505

Nana's Fruit & Jam Shack
237 S Main Street
Palisade,CO 81526

The Cowboy Mercantile
529 E Grand Ave
Fruita,CO 81521

Talbott's Cider Company
3782 F 1/4 Road
Palisade,CO 81526

Palisade Peach Shack
3716 G 7/10 Road
Palisade,CO 81526

Harvest House Specialty Grocery
1004 High Street
Collbran,CO 81624

Mesa Bloom Market
10986 CO-65
Mesa,CO 81643





Odds & Ends

Do you want to carry Roth's Pretzels in your store?

Send us a message using the form below and we will reach out to discuss our wholesale oppurtunities.

OG Pretzels

Classic but bold with a hint of Garlic and Dill. The original flavor right out of momma's kitchen. Available in Ranch!

Garlic Pretzels

The ancient Greeks once went to war over trampled garlic fields. Good thing you don’t live in ancient Greece. Our Garlic Pretzel is legendarily delicious. Possibly delicious enough to start a war.

Dill Pretzels

If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
it probably wasn’t as delicious as our Dill Pretzels.


Wasabi Pretzels

An Asian twist on an all-American snack. Because heat doesn't discriminate.

Contains: Wasabi, Cayenne

Horseradish Pretzels

Fun fact: horseradishes actually are related to radishes. Not horses, though.

Intense pretzel that has enough horseradish to tame the west. These babies will put some giddyup in you.


Mustard Pretzels

You could eat mustard on a hot dog. Or you could eat something delicious. Try one.

Contains: Mustard, Cayenne

Savina Pretzels

The Savina Pretzel is the jumping off point: this is where you start to get into the deep end. Better hope you can swim.

Habañero Pretzels

The pepper your grandpappy was afraid of.

It’s still as delicious as it was when your parents first tried it, and it’s the source of heat and flavor in our Habañero Pretzels.

Dragon's Breath Pretzels

The Dragon’s Breath is hot on hot: Trinidad Scorpion pepper for fun, and Dragon’s Breath pepper for the daring. Even some dragons might be jealous of heat this intense.

Scorpion Pretzels

We use Scotch Bonnets for these badass pretzels. At 400,000 Scoville Heat Units, these peppers are hot enough that it’s okay to cry. Don’t worry, we’re here for you.

Inferno Pretzels

Hot as hell, our Inferno Pretzels will melt your mouth and consume your being with a heat so concentrated and intense that you may never taste a thing again.

This isn’t a snack, it’s a scourge on your tongue and your soul.

Grim's Challenge

Only a fool plays with the Reaper. The Grim’s Challenge is made with pure capsaicin—hotter than any pepper in the world or any pepper that will ever exist. Experience pure, unadulterated fire poured into the World’s Hottest Pretzel.

Eat with caution and the knowledge that death comes to us all.

Pretzel Roulette

How much are you willing to risk on a bet?

Bring the game of chance to your snacking with the unique Roulette blend. You'll be on your toes and always wondering what the next bite might bring. Half mild, half wild. All delicious.

The Gift of Pretzels

Give the gift of scorched taste buds to your loved ones!